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Specializing in Ponies and Farming

The Milk Buds are a family of ponies. Since 1974 the Schottlers have exhibited and performed with them at shows in states from the Midwest to the East Coast, including each year at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin from 1984-2003.

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"I was at the NY State Fair (Aug 2007) working with mini horses, and just loved your Milk Buds! If I had seen nothing but your show and ponies in the arena, it would have been worth the trip. Thanks you..." - Janet Worsham, Richmond, VA

"I have been booking the entertainment for the Vermont State Fair for over 20 years, and I must tell you that I have never had so much response from an act as I did about the Milk Buds. Your show with the ponies is a class act, and the best family entertainment possible today."




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